Third Thursday digital learning series


Third Thursday Digital Learning Series brought evidence-based ​practices to educational staff in an easy to digest format and time frame. The webinars explored essential topics including school safety and climate, bullying prevention, social and emotional ​wellness, and trauma informed practices. Check out the recordings below.

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“Understanding the Educator’s Role in Stopping Human Trafficking”

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“Understanding the Educator’s Role in Stopping Human Trafficking”

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“Beyond Zero Tolerance”

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This presentation will ask educators to engage in deep reflection about identity, equity and every teacher’s responsibility for ensuring our learners have equitable access to a high quality education.

Sara Militello, Sandy Hook Promise presenter

This informational presentation is designed to educate the audience on Sandy Hook Promise’s “Know the Signs” programs.

  • Information about Say Something’s and Start with Hello’s goals, framework and program cycle
  • Navigating and using the Learning Center
  • Empowering student leaders through SAVE Promise Clubs

Many young people say that conversations with their peers and their loved ones are essential when it comes to feeling safe and supported. In this session, presenters will first briefly explore the prevalence, current trends and the long-term impacts of dating violence among our young people today.

Caring mom providing children's online safety

The Parent Digital Culture Academy is designed to take the intimidation out of raising a digital native. From this session, you will have the latest information, tools, tips and tricks to help parents feel comfortable raising their children in a fast-paced digital world.

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Understanding how to create a safe space for courageous conversations to occur and strategies to initiate and facilitate meaningful interactions.

Recognizing signs of suicide and addressing six best practices considerations for implementing Student Suicide Risk Assessments in K-12 schools.

Addressing bullying situations strategies at Tier 3 level including identifying student needs, partnering with parents/guardians and selecting supportive action steps.

Learn about common signs to look for in a student being trafficked, understand how to help, discuss how to help students develop empathy toward these situations.

middle school students and counselor discussion group

Contemporary considerations concerning youth mental health strategies. Emphasis on risk and protective factors associated with social, emotional and behavioral wellness.

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Working in a multi-tiered system of support framework and focusing on the social emotional needs of students, the presentation will provide practical strategies and usable resources for primary and secondary educators.

teen students sharing in group

Identifying trauma, signs of trauma exposure in students, and how adults can use trauma-informed principles to address exposure to trauma.

high school student elbow bumping teacher, both wearing masks

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program presenters share research on relationship between SEL and bullying prevention, and how understanding the connection contributes to a welcoming, safe learning environment.

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Explore the loss that has occurred because of the COVID-19 pandemic and how participants can understand and manage the stages of grief including Kessler’s 6th stage, finding meaning.

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One of the best tools for decreasing the problems associated with bullying is to implement evidence-based prevention strategies.