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Center for Safe Schools (CSS) is committed to supporting schools, educators, parents, law enforcement, community partners, and local agencies to develop and practice emergency management and crisis response plans, create positive school climates, implement evidence-based programs, and establish proactive safety measures. Our services address threat assessment, emergency management, crisis management, mental health first aid training, and social and emotional learning. Center for Safe Schools is an initiative of Center for Schools and Communities, a division of Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit.

UPDATED! Model Door and Window Numbering System Guide

An external door and window numbering system can be extremely valuable to emergency responders and help your students and staff locate exits in an emergency.

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CSS Subscription Service

Subscribe to a Center for Safe Schools Services Bundle, which includes technical assistance, professional learning, crisis support and document review as part of your emergency preparedness.

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Safety and Security Assessments

CSS can conduct Physical Safety and Behavioral Health and School
Climate assessments of school buildings and provide a report and guidance to implement recommendations for improvement.

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CSS Online Store

Purchase resources for your model door and window classroom numbering system, safety and prevention, and critical incident signage implementation needs.

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CSS Fund

Through the Susquehanna Education Foundation, donate to CSS Fund to provide supportive training, tools and resources to schools and communities as they recover, rebuild and restore safety and security after traumatic events.

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False Threats: Immediate Action Steps for Schools

False reports of threats directed toward K-12 schools have become a nationwide epidemic. Request our free pre-incident tabletop exercise template and post-incident After Action Report template to enhance safety measures before and after critical incidents occur.

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Bullying Prevention Resources

CSS has several resources that will help you learn about and implement best bullying prevention practices including a sample letter to send to schools, referral protocols for suspected bullying, webinars and recommended resource websites.

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Technical Assistance

CSS has a wide range of expertise from emergency management to school climate. We offer one-time assistance and ongoing evidence-based programs to help your school or organization.

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Professional Learning and Training

CSS offers onsite and online professional development opportunities including one-time training, courses and conferences. Our diverse, skilled staff hold an extensive array of certifications, expertise and practical knowledge in school safety, youth violence prevention, and education.

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CSS offers several resources for bullying prevention, crisis, emergency management, funding opportunities, mental health, Pennsylvania legislation, school and safety climate, social and emotional learning, threat assessment management tools, and youth violence prevention.

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Recommended Books

Books cover topics of bullying prevention, digital safety, emergency operations, personal preparedness, school climate, social and emotional learning, teacher (for kids) resources, and threat assessments.